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"You Have To Go Through A Storm To Get To A Rainbow"

Purpose of Fund

Dainere was the most courageous, selfless and inspiring young person you could ever meet, she worked passionately and tirelessly during her short life to elevate significant awareness and raise vital funds for paediatric brain tumours Her greatest wish in life was that no children in the future would have to suffer as she did and that one day a cure for this horrendous disease will become a reality.

Dainere's Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund was established in memory of and as a legacy to Dainere in conjunction with The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation to support the research of the devoted Dr David Ziegler and his team who are working towards improving the outcomes for all children diagnosed with brain tumours; through a comprehensive research program in the laboratory that stretches from investigating the basic biology and genetics of childhood brain tumours, identifying agents that induce a profound anti-tumour effect, safer treatment options, the implementation of novel treatment strategies in state of the art clinical trials, innovative personalised medicine, collaborations with local, national and international groups and ultimately find a cure.

Every child deserves a future and the sole way to see an increase in survival rates for paediatric brain tumours can only come through a dramatic increase in research capacity. Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund is a not for profit fund and 100% of all funds donated or raised go to research.

As a family we maintain a lifetime commitment to not only helping to eradicate this number one disease killer of children in Australia, we are also dedicated to promoting education, knowledge and awareness as well as effecting practical and helpful support in the community through sharing our experiences, personal knowledge and useful information of the paediatric brain tumour journey.

On Dainere’s Rainbow website you will find information about Dainere, fundraising events, research progress, brain tumour facts and how you can make a difference and see Dainere’s wish of a cure become a reality.

Together we can unite to take action, give hope, make a difference and create change for all children diagnosed with a paediatric brain tumour.

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